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Green Print – Our Future

Rocon Printing Company Limited have been working on cleaner greener production since 1997. A summary of our commitment and results is attached for judgement.

As a printer who has worked in the industry for 38 years the changes may seem to be minor but they have made an immense difference in the health and safety of our staff and the environment through our cleaner production procedures.

Why did we change to become environmental friendly? 

At the time of being approached by Waitakere City Council, we were already using European standard environmental friendly inks without the foresight of what was about to happen. Waitakere City Council introduced guidelines on what was to be standard practice for printers to become preferred suppliers under their guidelines for green print purchasing. In working closely with Rachel Brown we managed to achieve these guidelines with a minimum of interruption to our daily production procedures.


We had to firstly have an environmental policy from which to operate with. This policy was implemented on September the 1st 1997. Rocon Printing Company Limited management and staff recognise their responsibilities to implement good business practices to minimise the environmental impacts of their business.

We aim to achieve this by implementing cleaner production to reduce business wastes by focussing on practices, processes and products that produce them. The use of products that contain no or low volatile organic compounds / inks using vegetable oil bases and watermisable cleaners and washes.

  • To meet or exceed all applicable Governmental acts and regulations and industrial standards.
  • To work in partnership with suppliers and recyclers to minimize and reduce waste.
  • To provide all employees with training, support and resources to meet our targets.
  • To monitor and promote our performance and achievements on an annual basis to staff,  suppliers and customers.
  • No goods will be accepted for delivery in to our store without the required data sheets attached.


Product Changes

vegetable-based-inks.pngClients are informed of their environmental options for print in regards to the availability of recycled stocks and to the results that can be achieved.

All of Rocon Printings customers work is produced using vegetable based inks when offset printed.

The early reluctance from staff to the changes which were put in place soon altered when they found that the products that we changed to made for a better work environment. The odours of oil based inks, the strong smells from volatile cleaning agents have all but disappeared, their working environment is now a healthy environment.

Input Changes

We have changed the majority of our products to user friendly healthier products.

  • Vegetable based inks (to strict European standards)
  • Water miscible washes


Rocon Printing recycles as much waste that can be recycled at this stage. All waste paper is returned for recycling, all the washes used are re-canned for recycling, all ink tins are returned to our supplier for recycling.

Operational Improvements

oil-inks.pngStaff involvement has been a key area in making sure that our environmental policies are met. Recycling of waste is impossible to manage without the full involvement of all staff.

Over the last 16 years we have worked closely with suppliers to make sure that the products they supply are the most environmental friendly products available for use in the printing industry today. We continue to work towards finding safer or better alternatives.

Health and Safety

toxic-substances.pngAn issue which is most important in the printing industry, it has generally had a high usage rate of volatile toxic substances. By changing to become an environmentally friendly printing company we have not only improved our working conditions but those of our staff their families our customers and overall helped change our environment.

We do not have the toxic smells and odours in our plant that most other printing shops have that are using mineral based products and highly volatile chemicals. Our staff can at least taste their evening meals and don’t have the highs and lows of chemical based depression.



Although the majority of products that we are now using are slightly more expensive, this is completely outweighed by the work environment that we have created. An odourless plant and a healthier workplace more than make up for the minimal extra costs.

Following the guidelines to become environmental friendly has taken time and commitment but the results speak for themselves. Being one of the first printers in Auckland to become accredited to supply Waitakere City Council shows our commitment to contributing to a greener environment.

Green print purchasing makes good business sense.